Meet Charu,
Our Chef.

I had the privilege of being trained at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu in Marylebone, London, where I discovered my passion for infusing joy into every bite. Baking became a cherished part of my daily life, especially as a loving mother to my two precious daughters, and biscottis became the ultimate treat we enjoyed together.

My background in business, combined with a strong desire to create something extraordinary for the world, led to the birth of Biscottilicious. It's a whimsical wonderland where flavors mingle, and every biscotti is handcrafted by a team of dedicated women. We transform simple ingredients into edible works of art, bringing joy and delight to our customers with every delightful bite.

Whether you're enjoying a quiet afternoon tea, sharing laughter with friends, or gifting someone special, Biscottilicious is here to elevate your experience. Come and be part of our story, and let the flavors and passion behind our creations leave you with a smile. We can't wait to share this delectable adventure with you!
With love from Charu
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