Biscottilicious takes you on a journey, all wrapped in decadent, extraordinary ingredients. In the hands of an artisan, Biscottilicious, transforms biscotti from a simple traditional sweet treat into a handcrafted, luxurious taste sensation. Discover layers of flavours bursting into life in your mouth, and surprise all your senses.

You’ll find out why we say they’re not just delicious, they’re Biscottilicious.

Immersed in indulgent flavours, finished by hand with exquisite details, these are unlike any biscotti you’ve ever had before. Our founder, Charu, still handcrafts each one, from start to the final fabulous finishing touches.

Biscottlilicious brings together Charu’s lifelong love of baking and the skills developed and honed over the years to create beautiful combinations of luscious flavours and luxurious ingredients. From an artisan at work, these are a labour of love with attention paid to the most exquisite details.

Add a little luxury to your day. After all, the smallest things are often the most precious and delightful.

Delicious Biscottilicious: handcrafted mouthwatering delights and details, all wrapped up in every decadently indulgent biscotti.